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Who are we?

We are Business Space! We are a company with a long tradition in corporate services. We help entrepreneurs to set up new businesses in the United Arab Emirates. Our team consists of people who are at ease with local regulations. We have government ties and signed partnerships with government authorities. Thanks to this, the process of your incorporation will be shorter, effortless and, most importantly, without mistakes, which, if made at the beginning, may be problematic when doing business in the future. Our company and reputation are built by people. Trust the people who have spent years working to find answers to the questions that the UAE start-up entrepreneur has in mind. 

What can we do for you? Company formation in free zone, visa services for shareholders, visa services for your employees and dependents, complimentary bank account opening service, VAT filling, bookkeeping and many more!

Trust Business Space and be your own boss, here in the UAE.

What is a free zone?

Free zone is a separated area inside the country of the United Arab Emirates, fenced and guarded or not. Areas have been designated inside the country to pretend to be outside the country for tex relief purposes in exchange for limited and controlled business opportunities. Most of the Free Zones are unfenced. These fenced, guarded, and flow-controlled free zones have been named Designated Zones and have been created to give them additional special tax rights.

For some businesses, the free zone may turn out to be a much better choice than mainland, especially for small businesses, start-ups with a smaller budget or branches of foreign companies or onshore companies.

Why a free zone might be a better option for my business?

First of all, starting and running a business in a Free Zone is cheaper than in the Mainland. You can start your business in a free zone for just AED 5,750or you can start your business in a free zone and get an investor/partner visa just for AED 12,900. You can take advantage of the exemption from import and export duty and the VAT, CIT and PIT exemption. You can also conduct your business in the mainland through locally appointed logistic companies. Benefit from easy access to corporate banking services. Run your company in UAE from anywhere in the world.

Advantages of free zone company formation in UAE

What are main advantages of free zone company formation in Dubai that you can benefit from?


You will be a 100% shareholder in your UAE free zone company and its sole owner – without any additional restrictions or conditions to be met. Enjoy the safety and confidence of your free zone company when you don’t have to use a local sponsor. Free zones meet expectations and offer 100% equity to foreign investors in all industries.

Free zone companies can be established by individual and corporate shareholders. Free zone companies can be owned by foreign and local nationals, as well as foreign and local companies.


If your business is based on commodity trade, after free zone company registration in the right place, you are 100% exempt from import and export duties. You can enter and exit goods into and out of the free zone without restrictions but with prior notification of the customs services and presentation of the required documents. You can store goods in the free zone at no extra charge as long as you have a valid trade license.


Free zone establishment carries with even more benefits, you are also exempt from tax on private and corporate income. You can enjoy 100% of the earned profit. The rules for private and corporate income tax will not change quickly. You can rest assured that you will pay 0%.


Obtaining a commercial license in the free zone with our help is extremely easy and can be done 100% online. If you wish to apply for the UAE residence visa, Emirates ID and a bank account, we will require your physical presence for 1 week to complete the process of: UAE residence visa pasting into your passport, medical examination (chest X-ray and blood tests for infectious diseases) and fingerprint scans to the resident database needed to obtain Emirates ID. We know that your time is valuable, thanks to our VIP package you can reduce your stay in the UAE to a minimum 5-7 days. We will compress your appointments to the shortest time possible.


The UAE does not have any corporate or personal income tax for those working in the UAE, regardless of their residency status. This means you can send back all income to your home country with no additional taxes paid in United Arab Emirates.


Setting up a bank account for a company in the free zone is simple and quick, usually does not take more than 2 weeks and requires a minimum of documents. Of course, if you are unfamiliar with the local banking market, this can bring a lot of extra work and time. Don’t worry, we’ll put you in touch with the appropriate local banking representative to make sure your private and corporate bank account setup process goes smoothly. We take one step forward and we offer you, included in VIP package, complete help with personal local assistant to guide and support you through the entire process.


For instance in Jebel Ali free zone you can choose from over 1200 activities, in Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC free zone) you can choose from over 600 activities. Free zones cover almost every business sector. You can obtain most of them without the need for external approvals (for example if your activity is legal consultations – you will need the approval of the Legal Affairs Department – the Ruler’s Court) – those with our help are of course also available to you, but they require extra time and work from us. You can choose more than one business activity on your business license, major free zones offer 3 activities on single business license in price.


First step to start UAE free zone company formation is to choose the right free zone jurisdiction. Keep in mind that some of the free zones are dedicated to specific areas of business, such as commodity trade, health, media or finance, for example Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai International Financial Centre or Dubai Media City. Some of them are, of course, general industry e.g. Dubai South free zone or Hamriyah Free Zone Authority. These free zones that focus on one area became a business hub that can provide you with tools and cooperations that will support your business – find out more about these free zones and see if you can benefit from it.


You can get rid of expensive office rental by using solutions that free zones offer. Free zone license cost includes a virtual office or flexi desk lease. You will receive maximum 6 visas limit for your business without required physical office space. So if your company is and will be for next 12 months less than 6 employees, you may consider that free zone is a good choice for you. In addition, you can rent dedicated desk or office space at a favorable price in a free zone.

Choose your packages

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Free zone license
AED 5,750
  • Trade License
  • Memorandum of Association
  • PRO Services
  • Dedicated Account Manager

License + Visa

Free zone license + 1 visa
AED 12,900
  • Trade License
  • Memorandum of Association
  • PRO Services
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Entry Permit
  • Visa
  • Medical Test
  • Emirates ID


Free zone license + 1 visa + Bank Account Opening
AED 15,900
  • Trade License
  • Memorandum of Association
  • PRO Services
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Entry Permit
  • Visa
  • Medical Test
  • Emirates ID
  • Bank Account Opening Assistance

Free zone company formation in Dubai

Your road to success featuring Business Space


Initial Approval and Trade Name

Some free zones require initial approval for all applicants, some require it only for restricted countries. Initial approval refers to a shareholders, free zone will check your identity online. This is a part of Know Your Client (KYC) procedures. It usually takes no more than 1-3 days and is a 100% online process. We need basic documents like colored passport copy, utility bills, last entry stamp/visa if applicable. Decide on a new company legal structure (e.g. Limited Liability Company). If you have made a decision about company structure, now you need to choose the trade name – we will ask you for 3 examples of trade names, as there are restrictions that can block your name.


Trade license issuance by free zone authority

It usually takes no more than 1-3 days and is a 100% online process. After providing the necessary documents, obtaining external permits (if applicable) and choosing business activity we apply for a business license. This process is performed 100% inside the free zone and therefore does not take a long time. Don’t worry about finding a local sponsor, it is not required to have a local sponsor in free zones. Now your company formation is done and officially you are a free zone company owner.


Establishment Card Issuance by free zone authorities

Again, 100% online process that usually takes no more than 2-4 days. Establishment/immigration card is for shareholders. Based on this document you can obtain a visa for yourself and partners and only applies to you if you need a UAE residence visa. Entry permit will be issued. This process ends 1 step. Now it’s time for your presence in the UAE. All further steps will require your physical presence in the UAE. For how long? Usually 1 week is enough.


Visa and Emirates ID process

A popular practice recently in free trade zones is granting a lifetime free visa, e.g. International Free Zone Authority – IFZA and RAKEZ offers a lifetime free visas, this means that the free zone will pay for your visa in full, including renewals as long as your initial license is maintained. This means savings approx. AED 3.5 k every 2 years (since beginning of October 2022 investor/partner visa is valid only for 2 years, earlier 3 years). In this case, your only visa cost is a medical test, which costs around AED 350-400 (basic medicals), visa status change, if applicable, ± AED 1000. This cost vary from free zone to free zone, you are only subject to this cost if you are inside the UAE at the time of applying for a visa – this is why we suggest our Clients to stay outside before entry permit issuance.


Bank account opening

If you want to conduct business in the UAE, issue invoices and receive payments from your UAE or international customers, you will need to open a business bank account in the United Arab Emirates.

Opening a bank account will be the most difficult and time-consuming task. However, do not be afraid of this. With our help as your business setup consultants, it will be just another task on the to-do list. Note that some banks will not require your physical presence and will offer you a meeting and identity verification online. It can significantly reduce your staying in UAE.


Required documents to open a free zone company

Passport copy of each Shareholder

Good quality, main page and visa page, if any.

Passport-size photo

Sharp, no smiling, jewelry, white background.

Latest entry stamp or last visa

To identity your already existing system data.

Residence address

We can ask for additional utility bills to verify.

Contact details

E-mail address and mobile number only.

3 company names

No offensive. Ranked as per preferences.

Business setup free consultations

Are you wondering if a free zone is a good choice for your business and which one suits you best? Are you wondering if you will encounter additional costs and struggles along the way? Do you want to know what complete requirements are to open a company, get a resident visa, emirates ID and open a bank account in the UAE?

If you feel that the above questions apply to you, feel free to contact us now and get any information on any issues related to starting a free zone company. Our consultants are regular participants in skills upgrading training sessions conducted by free zone authorities and are ready to waive out your doubts.

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